Affiliate Marketing Breakthrough

If your like me you'll have searched until your blue in the face - through the whole web, well it feels like it sometimes. What am I searching for you may ask, thank you for asking, I'll tell you..................

I've been searching for answers to affiliate marketing, nothing too serious just the basics like how long does it take to establish your site once you've created it and when could I expect my first sale?

If your reading this article and you've checked out my website, then you'll understand what I am about to tell you - like me you are probably into affiliate marketing, unlike me if your successful and raking in the cash then you won't be reading this article. However if you are just starting out or have been trying to break into affiliate marketing then I feel your pain.

This website basically started like this: I received an email in my inbox from a friend labelled as spam, no the email was spam not my friend. This friend's email account was infected and the email I received was in deed spam. It mentioned how I could work from home and earn a great monthly income. I always delete all this rubbish, but this one time I read the content. Reading between the lines I did some research on Google and discovered...... Affiliate Marketing.

What was affiliate marketing? I had never heard of it before and was intrigued. The spam email was indeed rubbish and related nothing back to affiliate marketing, but it pointed me in the direction this website is now heading.

I had a little bit of experience in creating a website as I had launched my own site using CMS for a building maintenance company. This little hobby commenced October 2013. I thought about my niche and area of interest, paid for a domain name and commenced creating Maverick DIY. The main theme I always came across preached by the experts was find your niche!

This is where the DIY came into it, the idea was to concentrate on the do it yourself market and offer products and advice that would assist my customers, while at the same time allowing them to purchase products. This opened up a whole new world. My family decided I was suddenly a computer nerd, they even called me a geek. Far from it, I'm just stubborn and determined.

I opened accounts with Clickbank, Amazon and Affiliate by Conversant. The products on offer were amazing, all I had to do was load this website up and kick back.......... Wrong!

Maverick DIY went live in February 2014. I included a visitor counter because I wanted the whole world to know how many visitors I had drawn to my website, the website I had created with hours of sweat and tears, locked in my office plugging away at this crumb infested keyboard. As the weeks went by I checked that visitor counter daily, sometimes hourly. The visitor numbers were ticking over and my excitement increased. Then something strange happened, the months went by and no sales were made. People looked and they checked out the site, but they didn't purchase anything, not one damn thing - they didn't even take my free stuff.

I delved into the backend of my website to discover that my visitors, that's all my visitors were bots. What the hell were bots?

These visitors from all over the globe, from countries I didn't even think had computers like Mongolia, please tell me what the hell do you plug your PC into Mongolia?

Trying not to sound like a total bigot, other countries throwing their bots at me included Russia, Taiwan, France, Indonesia, India, Ukraine and Italy - basically the whole world of bots visited my website. Now tell me, do bots buy things online?

Months ticked by, enter the world of paid advertising. Google said they could get my website noticed. I decided I needed an email campaign. Together we came up with our advertising keywords and budget. The bots kept crawling through my site like termites chewing through the back door, but real people started sending me their email addresses, all courtesy of Google's paid advertising. I created this magnificent mailing list with all my sites random bargains and best buys. Still nobody bought anything. I checked the statistics, 70% were deleted without opening, 20% were unread and 10% requested I remove them from my mailing list.

My visitor counter by this time was roaring along so it seemed. I didn't need to pay Google for people to find my site - Maverick DIY was out there. People new I existed. I stopped paying Google for paid advertising. Google stopped sending me visitors!

Now my little website just sits there day in, day out. Even the bots can't be bothered crawling over my URL's anymore.

I started to loose interest. Weeks went by and no products were added to my shop, no new bargains, no hot tips. I was losing the affiliate marketing battle. But just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Amazon pops in an email - your account has not made a sale in three months. Your account has now been terminated.

The ticking time bomb continued, CJ joined in and cancelled their account. My fresh content, my products and affiliate links were gone.

Occasionally I would login and wonder what could have been. I pulled myself off the floor and into the chair and re-opened a new Amazon account. Amazon kindly allowed me back into the Affiliate world. As punishment for failing to achieve one sale, that's right just one, they gave me a new tracking code. What did this mean? It meant I had to go through my whole website and re-configure every affiliate link I had previously assigned to all the products scattered throughout Maverick DIY.

The months passed by, the seasons changed, my affiliate accounts changed.

Spring brought with it new energy, new ideas. I applied these new ideas, targeted the hot selling products and took the advice that content is king. I jumped all over my sites SEO and threw in every keyword and valuable piece of metadata I could come up with - Spring ended and so did my desire to work from home.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned a question I once asked and searched for on the WWW, how long does it take for my first sale as an affiliate marketer. This is the answer........ 11 months, yes that's right 11 months. In fact, checking my Amazon account I have made two sales in the one month - December was my month. Someone in this massive world of online retailing purchased two Christmas gifts through my website, YES my website. It is official, this website has made a sale worthy of note in the New York Times. I am on my way to working from home. Amazon are even asking for my Tax details before payment can be made. I have $1.36 waiting to be collected - let the good times roll in 2015. Happy New Year

I am back on the horse, I'm revved up - watch this space....... Go MAVERICK  







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