Effective Driving Behaviour

I was reading the paper one Saturday morning when I came across an article that basically highlighted how bad we all are at driving and offered solutions to traffic congestion on Highways, Freeways and Motorways. The following is a reproduction of that article:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Drivers

  1. Bunch Up - At a red signal just keep a safe distance. Drivers who leave an Olympic-swimming pool sized gap are blissfully unaware contributors to the congestion problem. If they opened their eyes in the backs of their heads, they would see the impacts of their road positioning; a car blocked from getting into the turning lane, a car unable to enter from a side road, a car that won't make it through the green light.
  2. Move Off Promptly - Ok, we don't want a car to launch itself at the lights like Nico Rosberg. Always look laterally then move off and get up to cruising speed promptly. The car behind should do likewise and so on. Again, it's all about courtesy to the drivers behind you.
  3.  Keep It Even - If conditions allow, drive at the speed limit and maintain it. Drivers who drop off speed then suddenly speed up again cause a concertina effect of jerky driving behind them, slowing progress of all drivers.
  4.  Measure The Space - If everyone had adaptive cruise control, which locks to the speed of the car ahead, the traffic would flow better. So try to drive like that, always trying to maintain the correct safe distance to the car ahead.
  5.  Keep to the Correct Side - Most of the time, there's not a valid excuse for hanging out in the centre lane, regardless if your going to turn two miles down the road.
  6.  Position, Position, Position - Stop lines on the road can be wide enough for as many as three cars; to turn right, go ahead and turn left. But some people hog the centre of the road when they intend to turn, when they could be better positioned to allow turning vehicles to proceed.
  7. Read The Roundabout - These are not stop signs but aides to traffic flow. Where visibility allows, get an early read on the traffic and try to blend in rather that having a look once you've arrived there.

Happy Driving........ 


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